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Reading the Body in Marblehead

With Margi

This January 19th - 20th
10 am - 4pm


Margi Flint
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Exploring the Mystery of Practice

Learning to Take Human Histories
with Three Special Teachers

Margi Flint * Kay Parent * Mathew Wood

February 12th - 15th 2015
Earthsong Herbals - 10 Central Street - Marblehead MA 01945

9am to 5 pm Daily
32 Hours of clinical study
$855 for four day Intensive with three Herbalists


How do plants and recommendations come to us as we sit with people.  Perhaps it is a unique private experience coming from long years of training, practice, ancestry, intuition and the rare synergy that occurs when people and Nature connect.  We will attempt to unravel and trace this mysterious experience that is unique to each of us.  And then we will acknowledge, encourage and celebrate our unique authenticity and the personal authority that results from each person's unique expertise.

Team Living in Practice once again brings together 3 very unique practitioners for aspiring or weathered herbalists to hone their skills. A rare opportunity to sit at the knees of three very different Herbalists.  Observe how each herbalist approaches issues, works with clients, and discovers the infinite mystery of re-discovering glowing health with clients.  The use of intuition, testing skills and visual observations will be shared and taught daily.  Time will be set aside daily for hands on work within the group.

"My practice is always geared towards uncovering the 'energetic signature' of a condition, which includes both the physical and the psychological state of which it is comprised. Then one matches an herb or other healing method that has the same 'energetic signature.' In my belief-system, it is best if one has a dream that gives one the license to practice. In my case I have a license from Mother Nature to practice healing with plants and natural substances, but I don't have a license for giving psychological advice, so I let the plants change people's lives on both the physical and the psychological levels. I can say that Mother Nature or the Green Woman approves my method of practice according to matching the 'energy signature' of plant and condition and that's evidently why she granted me that diploma.

Practice is different for each person, therefore I do emphasize one psychological teaching. That would
be C. G. Jung's doctrine of the "four functions:" intuition, thinking, feeling, and sensation or physical
perception. Practice is a combination of our strengths and weaknesses, in fact these four functions.
Therefore, I find that it is wise to know one's own approach and so I will teach a short class on
this subject." Matthew

matt hat

MATTHEW WOOD has been a practicing herbalist since 1982.  In a period when many authors and lecturers are merely "arm chair herbalists" who offer theories and opinions based on book learning, and others have turned to the exotic traditions of India or China, he has been an active practitioner of traditional Western herbal ism.  He has helped tens of thousands of clients over the years, with many difficult health problems.  While Matthew believes in the virtue of many other healing modalities, he has always been inspired to learn, preserve, and practice the tradition of herbal medicine descending to us from our European, Anglo-American, and Native American heritage.  He is a member of the American Herbalists Guild (registered herbalist) and has earned his Masters of Science degree from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine (accredited by the University of Wales).

"The Subtle Arts of Practice, part II
Heart & Touch

In practice, in service to others there are as many ways of connecting with the client as there are herbalists. There is no perfect way, no right way only the way that grows within the practitioner and calls them to create sacred space.

In this part II of the Sublte Art of Practice we will explore the art of heart and touching.
Sometimes the words of the client are garbled are trying to be clear but can't quite verbalize
the truth. The organs of the body, the fluids, the spirit wish to be heard and can be accessed
if permission is given. The finger nerve receptors pick up expressions on the hair of the skin, on
the feet, on the hand, on the feet, on the head, on the torso. Pictures come and with them
plants whisper. If we listen with our heart and have done our own private work, recommendations come to sight, to hearing, to intuition. It is ordinary and simple.

With an open heart, the simplicity of a child, and the humility of those who know they are not
the healers but only in service to those who heal we explore. Come prepared to tune into your own touch. Come prepared to be seen and touched." Kay

Kay listening

The Subtle Arts of Practice with Kay Parent

KAY PARENT  Kay specializes in private consultations in Newport RI.  Her practice is now in the eighteen year.  A professional member of the American Herbalist Guild, she views herself as an Energetic Community Herbalist.  She offers consultations as a fundraiser for United Plant Savers at both the Women's Herbal Conference and the International Herb Symposium.  For nine years she has offered a community clinic once a month where clients are seen and practitioners skills are nurtured.  Collaboration with clients in finding their next step is the basis of her consults.  Following the thread of that next step in their lives is pivotal.  Her skills are eclectic and highly intuitive and involve deep listening, connection, gentleness and humor.  Kay’s years of meditation, yoga plus energetic training with Karyn Sanders currently pull the threads to where recommendations or insights lead.  She honors her teachers: Rosemary Gladstar, Margi Flint, Matthew Wood and William LeSassier and especially the plants that speak while she listens.

MHF ashley shot

Margi will be sharing visual
assessment tools and more

"Clearing, Sitting, Hearing, Observing and Speaking


In my practice the daily flow of simple rituals to prepare myself for my soon–to-arrive person include preparing my space, inner and outer for new energies and leaving behind all that is my personal mishegas.  This allows clear intention for our shared communication. My filters of experience include my teacher's lessons, the lessons from plants and other influences of my Earth walk. The art of listening and observing body language, face, tongue and nail indicators as taught by William LeSassier then gives me herbal and compliance cues.  Finally I use direct words to encourage and empower my visitor to become involved directly on the path of amazing magical change."  Margi


MARGI FLINT owns and operates EarthSong Herbals, a busy family practice and herb school in Marblehead Ma.  Her filters of wisdom include over thirty-five years of labor coaching, polarity therapy, and herbal practice.  Margi regularly speaks at nationally known herbal seminars in the States and in Canada.  She is Adjunct Professor at Bastyr University, NSCC, Massachusetts College of Pharmacology, Tufts University School of Medicine, and Pacific Rim College in BC.  Her most revered teachers are the plants and her clients.   

Flint sees clients for consultations, continues to teach Beginning to Intermediate Studies and Advanced Clinical Studies.  Flint is the author of a textbook for herbalists, third edition, titled The Practicing Herbalist, meeting with clients, reading the body.

To register, please e-mail Margi at:

Or call Margi at 781-631-4312

New clients ~  Have an interesting health puzzle? Confer with Margi Flint RH, Kay Parent HM and Matthew Wood (yes, three unique practitioners for the price of one!) Book with Margi for February 11-15 in the afternoon.

Ph. # 781.631.4312

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February 16th, 2015 Matthew Wood

Pulse and Tongue Evaluation
for Western Herbalists

Monday following the four day Intensive
10 am – 5 pm

$125 for the day


pulse matt

Matthew Wood teaching pulse work

MATTHEW WOOD - MSc (Herbal Medicine), Registered Herbalist (AHG). Based on thirty years personal experience using pulse and tongue diagnosis, Matthew Wood will teach the use of these valuable tools which reveal to us the underlying energetics of the situation.  This class is geared towards Western herbalism and not Chinese medicine.  We will learn on ourselves, according to what pulses and tongue configurations are present.  We will use the tongue chart as found in Margi Flint’s book, The Practicing Herbalist. See posting of pulse types on Matthew’s website at


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Practitioners Circle ~ Herbal Mentorship

We have a full day of clinic

Call to confirm dates
9 am to 5 pm


The Mentorship program is meant to develop independent practitioners, encouraging more involvement from you to maintain contact with your clients.

Thinking of becoming an herbalist? Observe for a clinical day and see if this is your path.

Crack yourself open knowing plants!

~ Client files must be kept at Earthsong and in your own file cabinet.

~ Practitioners who see clients will be responsible for follow up by email or phone, run by me prior to advising changes in protocol.

~ You may come to the office to fill the client's orders or can begin invoicing from your own apothecary (copies made for Earthsong files).

~ A discussion of pricing with me prior to re-filling in your apothecary is appropriate.

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Book Tour Schedule

Here is our book tour schedule
if you want your book signed
or wish to attend a lecture.

"Reading the Body"     What do wrinkles, blemishes and thinning eyebrows mean? Why is there a crease in your earlobe? Will those lines go away?  Each color, line and marking on the face, tongue and nails holds meaning of your internal health. I will be explaining facial indications and their correlations to organ health.



January 19th - 20th Reading the Body in Marblehead with Margi $200 10AM - 4PM

March 21st - 22nd Wisconsin Midwest Womens Fundraiser contact Linda Conroy

April 11th - 12th NH Misty Meadows Advanced Herbal Studies Program

Margi Flint Diagnostics for Herbalists

May 30th-31st Wendy Fogg Being In Herbal Practice
Holding Healing Space
The Art of Formulation

July 18th-19th Tammi Sweet The Respiratory System Progra
A&, Pathology & Herbs,
The Healing Power of Inflammation, Pain ... What is it good for?

Sept. 19th-20th Anne McIntyre Introduction To Ayurveda

Oct. 17th-18th Jim McDonald Musculo-Skeletal System

Program Cost: $1350 Deposit: $350 with Registration Registration
Deadline - March 1, 2015 603-659-7211


June 4th Reading the Body in Marblehead with Margi $100 10AM - 4PM

IHS June 24th-27th Norton MA
contact Sage Herbal Retreat Center

August 13th-18th Clinical Intesive - Living in Practice 6 days $750 or $150 a day

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All Earthsong class deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable
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Opportunities for Existing Clients

As of January 1, 2014 fee is $200.


Clinical practice ~ herbal consultations monthly

Call for dates

New Clients ~ Do you need to see an herbalist?  Do you desire to be heard and treated in a group setting by diverse herbalists?  Call to book an appointment, be seen individually, and depart feeling fully empowered and supported.  Follow-up appointments are requisite.  Take care of yourself now.

These consultations are performed by herbal practitioners who come to practice their skills and glean insights from their peers.  The gifts of practice in circle are bountiful for the one in focus.  As a client you will receive the professional input from one to five talented herbal minds and hearts. One and a half hours of questioning which includes medical history, diet, supplement and prescription use, plus suggestions for herbal protocols, references for adjunct therapies and lots of laughter.

Cost: Sliding scale from $70 - $200.
Call or to book appointments.
To book appointments in Massachusetts call Margi Flint at # 781.631.4312

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Other Learning Opportunities

Internships with Margi
2 - 4 days in Active Practice

$150 a day

On Request

Prior herbal studies required. Two to five days in active daily practice. We will see who ever is booked into the office, formulate, make products, unpack herbs, ship, what ever is going on that week! When appropriate you will see clients with Margi as Mentor. $200 daily. Lodging nearby.

Call for Margi details # 781.631.4312

Gathering herbalists!

Ashville North Carolinaherbalists!


Place your area in the subject line and mail to

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The Third edition of the book
"The Practicing Herbalist - Reading The Body" is HERE!
(Link above opens new browser window)

The Third Edition of "The Practing Herbalist" is written with new chapters on the "Understanding the Endocrine Cascade and Intrinsic Factor", "Head Injuries", "Tooth and Gum Care", and "Social Networking". This edition contains writings by Nicole Telkes, Kate Gilday & Sean Donahue as well as new words from Wendy Snow Fogg and Jim Macdonald on the humours - and he is humorous! Updates through out the entire book. The Kickstarter is over now, fully funded. Thank you all!!! Order directly from this website or call margi for the third edition!

"You hold in your hands a very special book, an expression
of Modern North American Herbalism coming of age."

David Hoffman B. Sc., FNIMH

"With all the skill of a master alchemist, Margi weaves together her years of experience as an herbal practitioner with the best of the teachings and teachers she's studied with. She stirs in just the right amount of honey, a bit of sass, and a healthy dollop of humor to bring us one of the most eminently useful books on herbal practice available today. There's so much wisdom here, so much depth, and so much practical information distilled into these remarkably interesting pages. Even more, there's so much generosity of spirit as Margi invites us into her heart and home and shares with us her deeply personal journey as an herbal practitioner."

~ Gail Julian ~ Herbalist
Director Clinical Herbalist Training Program
California School of Herbal Studies.

"What a great accumulation of vital observation and herbal tidbits! It makes for a good read as you get a tour of Margi’s office and practice. A real ‘fly on the wall’ experience. In addition, I see it as a very useful reference for practicing herbalists searching for specific information on facial, tongue, and pulse conformation. A good guide on how to sort information from the client intake. Margi respectfully includes the wisdoms of her teachers with references for us to follow to their source. I am grateful to her for paying such close attention over the years and writing this down. This book will be a wonderful addition to the many books already in the herbalist’s library."

~ Rosemary Gladstar, Herbalist and Author


Thank you for your interest in my book!
The price of "The Practicing Herbalist" in the U.S. is $125.00
If shipped in the continental US add $15.
If shipped within Massachusetts,
add an additional $7.81 for sales tax
Shipped out of the states the text costs $145 plus
Shipping to Canada add $50
Elswhere $60
(European prices are estimated)
Payments can be made with either Visa or Master Card
or by calling # 781.631.4312
If purchasing by email with credit card,
please split all your important Credit Card
information up into 2 emails.

If doing so, you will need to leave:
- your credit card MC or Visa number,
- the card's expiration date
- the 3 number security code on the back
- your mailing address
- phone number
- email address
If purchasing by check,
please make your check out to EarthSong Herbals
and mail to 10 Central Street, Marblehead MA 01945
with your mailing address, phone number and email.

Thanks, Margi.

Kickstarter Campaign

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CDs of William LeSassier's teachings
are available!

Facial Diagnosis and Palpation Video CDs are available through

Go the the store at the to order his brilliance now. Do not wear headphones, sound is erratic.

"May the shining light of his wisdom be yours."
~ Margi
Neuman - The Film

“The film 'Numen' is a magnificent depiction of the healing essence of plants. The filmmakers captured the magic, the mystery, the beauty of plants and their importance as herbal medicine in our contemporary healthcare system. Inspiring and educational, Numen has a place in the library of anyone interested in medicine, plants, gardening and earth ecology. It's a powerful film that I'll recommend that everyone see.”

~Rosemasry Gladstar


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Margi Flint practices in the seacoast town of Marblehead, Massachusetts and over the past forty years has become their “village herbalist.”  Margi has been Adjunct Professor at North Shore Community College, The Tufts University School of Medicine and currently at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Pacific Rim College in British Columbia.  She lectures in Canada, Europe and the States (so far). Home is feeling comfy, the gardens are beautiful.

Contact Margi to arrange lectures and book signings.

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Writings to add to the Third Edition of The Practicing Herbalist!
Social Media

You can sign up with Hootsuite to write one comment, advertise a class, whatever you want to say and then send that message out to many groups - Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and more by mearly choosing the "All" button. There is a calender to book delivery time (Lunchtime is best), you can upload photos or video and add location.  I spend an hour posting a couple of weeks worth and scheduling and then relax ands go outside!  Hootsuite will do the work for you!

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