"The Practicing Herbalist
~ Thoughts For Meeting With Clients"

Shared by Margi Flint

The Practicing Herbalist

   "What a great accumulation of vital observation and herbal tidbits! It makes for a good read as you get a tour of Margi’s office and practice. A real ‘fly on the wall’ experience. In addition, I see it as a very useful reference for practicing herbalists searching for specific information on facial, tongue, and pulse conformation. A good guide on how to sort information from the client intake. Margi respectfully includes the wisdoms of her teachers with references for us to follow to their source. I am grateful to her for paying attention over the years and writing this down.
     This book will be a wonderful addition to the many books already in the herbalist’s library."

                                                  Gail Julian ~ Herbalist
                                                  Director Clinical Herbalist Training Program
                                                  California School of Herbal Studies


   "Margi has systematically woven together years of her work into a fantastic guide for practitioners and students to enhance their skills as caring and insightful herbalists. Thank you Margi.”

                                                  Deb Soule ~ Herbalist
                                                  Founder of Avena Botanicals Herbal Apothecary

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