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The Practioners

Margi Flint

Margi has been working with people and herbs since she began her herbal studies in 1974. Her clinical practice evolved through continued study with admired herbalists. Influential herbalists have been Rosemary Gladstar, David Winston, Matthew Wood, Christopher Hobbs, Kate Gilday, Donald Yance, Mindy Green, Chancel Chabrera, Annie McIntyre, Jeffrey Bland, the late great William LeSassier, David Crow, Karyn Sanders and many more.

This blend of teachers created a truly American-mongrel-Practitioner. A little Ayerveda, some Chinese, lots of Aromatherapy, Native American with some science and a heavy dose of Folk. Throw in years of studying supplements, their quality, best combinations, and time of day to consume. Add to that twenty years of attending births as a labor coach and herbalist, raising four kids who have grown into wonderful adults.

“We teach through the filter of our experience.” states Margi, and what a varied and powerful experience these teachers and clients have built into her filter!

Margi Flint B. Sc., is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild~ Herbal Mentor, An Adjunct Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine since 1994, North Shore Community College since 2003 and Mass College of Pharmacy for their Masters program. She lectures at herbal symposiums as well as medical institutions around the States and lectures internationally. Many area doctors refer clients to the office. Her classes at Earthsong Herbals range from beginner programs to advanced herb and practitioner classes. She oversees two Practitioners Circles, one in Marblehead and one in Newport Rhode Island at Kay Parent’s clinic.

More? She continues to practice as a certified Polarity and Reiki Therapist and attends births on occasion. “I just love the human body!”

Margi can reliably be found every morning at the local coffee shop. She is an active, vocal, voting member of her community. Life is busy and full of change!

Alongside Margi you will often find a talented visiting herbalist or intern.

Peter Meyer

Peter Meyer

Peter Meyer

Peter deeply cares and he creates a space and a holding for people to be heard, be seen and grow. His work is anchored in a number of eastern and native American traditions and is founded on the principles of deep empathy and compassionate love. Fundamentally Peter helps shift blocked energies and release “piled up” emotions: With an empathic knowing and a seemingly ‘simple’ laying on’ of hands he creates a way for profound healing to occur. His ways of working are subtle yet the healing he enables is extra-ordinary.


“Peter has been an integral part of my healing process and journey. When I walked in to see Peter I was a puddle waiting to happen & full of big emotions that Peter helped access and release. He also worked with my energy fields and aura – helping me ‘land’ in my body and create a new balance & strong grounding.” ~

The Practice

We conduct in-depth, joyful consultations with our clients. Margi may have a visiting herbalist or intern by her side. The wisdom of each individual is greatly appreciated. The hour and a half meeting is an educational and collaborative process. Together we determine the appropriate herbs and treatments for each individual. We listen to your health story and make suggestions that may include diet, supplements, exercise and your present and desired levels of happiness. The final step is developing a plan of realistic compliance.

EarthSong Herbals is an integrative practice. We encourage each person who walks through the door to find the perfect herbs, hear the appropriate advice concerning foods, supplements and movement. We may refer out to one of the wonderful yoga, dance, cranio-sacral, massage or mental therapists, as well as acupuncturists, chiropractors, dentists, physical therapists, energy workers or doctors. Our goal is to assist people in achieving and maintaining optimum health.

Twice a month we offer Practitioners Circle, in Marblehead, MA. or Newport, RI. Circle is an herbal clinic serving people from the community and herbalists from all over the land looking for clinical experience. Herbalists with varied backgrounds, growers, students, Massage Therapists, Estheticians, Naturapaths, Nurses, Doctors, Homeopaths, Pharmacists, well, just about any career combination you can imagine! We share formulating protocols, preparation of herbs for clients, and billing. The energy of the group is very supportive for client and clinician.

There will often be another herbalist in practice. Be sure to ask if you want a private session with Margi. On occasion an herbalist flies in from far, far away and I will conduct an in-depth practice for as many days as they request. Oh, you are an herbalist? Contact Margi to discuss a fee.

Each person is unique. Tea, tincture, bath, poultices, aromatherapy, or flower essences, sprays, steams or creams — we will find a protocol that works for your lifestyle and habits.

Various lovers of herbal studies are members of the office staff. They are able to field questions, in addition to making excellent products for clients and keeping the office humming. Clear communication and loving support is our foundation. Following the advice we offer is the challenge!

EarthSong Herbals
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